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What do you get for your $35 SCLA dues?

Here are some examples of our Association’s mantra - neighbors helping neighbors:

  • Works with local law enforcement and county officials to:
    • Investigate traffic issues caused by new businesses or construction
    • Get pot holes fixed and overhanging tree limbs trimmed when the problems are reported to us by a resident
  • Playing an active role in getting the best possible solution to the Oak Meadow & Headwaters connection issue
  • Reviews construction plans for residents to help owners avoid future problems with Deed Restrictions such as set back issues
  • Maintains the landscape and pays for the electricity that illuminates the Sunset Canyon entrance signs
  • Hired an attorney to successfully defend a lawsuit brought against SCLA by a potential new business requesting that the main entrance sign on Sunset Canyon Drive be removed at SCLA’s expense despite a valid easement
  • Negotiated lower rates for trash collection and recycling with Waste Connections - we have a five year commitment
  • Publishes the Canyon Call quarterly to inform residents of Sunset Canyon of things in the community that might impact their life style
  • Organizes and supports the National Night Out in our subdivision
  • Has a Welcome committee that visits new residents to give them information about our community and SCLA
Association Dues

Sunset Canyon lots fall under two different deed restrictions:

Nassour Lots

  • Mandatory dues per deed restrictions
  • $35 per year
  • Must be enforced by the SCLA

Non-Nassour Lots

  • Voluntary dues per deed restrictions
  • $35 per year
  • Download and fill out form below to join the SCLA (or use Online Form Link)

The Association needs every one of our residents' support to help maintain Sunset Canyon as a wonderful place to live. $35 per year is a bargain.

Past-Due Nassour Lot Membership Dues

  • Owners can request a list of all unpaid-dues/fines/liens etc. here.
  • Homeowners behind in their dues can get help here.

Fill in Online SCLA Membership Form Here

SCLA Membership Form (Printable PDF)
Fill out and Mail to:
P.O.Box 588
Dripping Springs, Texas 78620