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What do you get for your $35 SCLA dues?

Here are some examples of our Association’s mantra - neighbors helping neighbors:

  • Works with local law enforcement and county officials to:
    • Investigate traffic issues caused by new businesses or construction
    • Get pot holes fixed and overhanging tree limbs trimmed when the problems are reported to us by a resident
  • Playing an active role in getting the best possible solution to the Oak Meadow & Headwaters connection issue
  • Reviews construction plans for residents to help owners avoid future problems with Deed Restrictions such as set back issues
  • Maintains the landscape and pays for the electricity that illuminates the Sunset Canyon entrance signs
  • Hired an attorney to successfully defend a lawsuit brought against SCLA by a potential new business requesting that the main entrance sign on Sunset Canyon Drive be removed at SCLA’s expense despite a valid easement
  • Negotiated lower rates for trash collection and recycling with Waste Connections - we have a five year commitment
  • Publishes the Canyon Call quarterly to inform residents of Sunset Canyon of things in the community that might impact their life style
  • Organizes and supports the National Night Out in our subdivision
  • Has a Welcome committee that visits new residents to give them information about our community and SCLA
Association Dues

Sunset Canyon lots fall under two different deed restrictions:

Nassour Lots

  • Mandatory dues per deed restrictions
  • $35 per year
  • Must be enforced by the SCLA

Non-Nassour Lots

  • $35 per year
  • Download and fill out form below to join the SCLA (or use Online Form Link)

The Association needs every one of our residents' support to help maintain Sunset Canyon as a wonderful place to live. $35 per year is a bargain.

Past-Due Nassour Lot Membership Dues

  • Owners can request a list of all unpaid-dues/fines/liens etc. here.
  • Homeowners behind in their dues can get help here.

Visit the Payment page to pay online

Fill in Online SCLA Membership Form Here

SCLA Membership Form (Printable PDF)
Fill out and Mail to:
P.O.Box 588
Dripping Springs, Texas 78620