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Christian Brothers Automotive

Christian Brothers Automotive has made the Sunset Canyon Landowners Association aware of their intent to move forward with developing Lot 1032 of Sunset Canyon Section 5 (Vacant Lot at NE corner of HWY 290/Canyonwood Drive) as a 10-bay full service automotive service center. The proposed development will be taking access directly off of Canyonwood Drive just north of the intersection. The City of Dripping Springs has approved the site development permit and Hays County has approved the driveway permit. The approved plans and traffic memo can be found using the links below.

The Section V plat has recorded restrictions that include Lot 1032. Christian Brother’s legal counsel has provided a letter in response to the recorded plat restrictions. This letter can be found using the link below.

If you have any further questions for Christian Brother’s regarding the project, please contact the email listed in the letter directly.

Christian Brothers Automotive approved plan

Christian Brothers Automotive traffic memo

Christian Brothers Automotive letter addressing Section 5 deed restrictions

Section 5 Deed Restrictions

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