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Waste Management

The SCLA Board received proposals from three trash and recycling companies that service the Sunset Canyon area. Waste Connections made the best proposal and effective February 1, 2019, Waste Connections was designated the preferred provider for trash collection and recycling services for Sunset Canyon at much lower costs than currently charged by WC or any of the other companies servicing our area. 

The quarterly rates, including tax, are as follows:
Trash only $68.20
Trash and recycling $81.19
Extra trash container $32.48 (rate updated 7/15/19)
Extra recycling container $12.99 (rate updated 7/15/19 incorrect) 

If you are currently a Waste Connections’ customer, the transition to the new rate structure will be automatic and bills will be adjusted if you have already prepaid at a higher rate. You can sign up with Waste Connections by calling 512-282-3508.  Call after 2 pm to get through to a person quickly. 

WC trash collection will continue to be weekly on Thursdays and recycling will be every other Thursday. The Thursday schedule will be adjusted for holidays so please see the complete schedule posted on the SCLA website. Along with the schedule, there is information below about how many extra bags or boxes of trash can be put out and a list of what materials can be recycled. 

The recycle pickup will now be every other week. This change was not made because of our agreement with Waste Connections but was scheduled to happen in the near future anyway.   Waste Connections has priced a second full size recycle cart at $4.33 per quarter for residents who recycle a high volume of material. 

Waste Connections currently services a large majority of the homes in Sunset Canyon.  Changing to Waste Connections will not only save you money, but if all Sunset Canyon residents become Waste Connections customers, we will be reducing the wear and tear on our roads by reducing the number of trash trucks driving though our neighborhood. Using a single company will also reduce the number of days in a week residents have to dodge large trash vehicles. 

Regular Waste Collection:  Solid Waste collection will be provided to each Waste Connections Customer within the SCLA Map once per week, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. provided, that (i) such Solid Waste is placed in a Cart, and (ii) such Carts are placed within five (5) feet of the curbside or right of way adjacent to the Customer's unit no later than 7:00 a.m. on the scheduled collection day – Thursday.If a Customer's regular collection day falls on or after a weekday when Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day or New Year's Day occurs, collection will occur on the following day. Waste Connections collect all acceptable waste materials and recyclables placed in the provided Carts placed at curbside by the SCLA' residents plus up to two (2) extra bags, boxes or bundles each service day. Bags, boxes or bundles may not weigh more than forty (40) pounds each. Brush and limbs may not exceed four (4) feet in length, be more than four (4) inches in diameter and tied with string, rope or wire. All protruding nails, screws or wire must be removed or flattened. 

Recycling.  Waste Connections will provide recycling collection services, on an every-other-week basis to those customers that select such recycling collection service, which shall occur on the regular trash collection day for the applicable weeks, for aluminum cans, newsprint, office paper, junk mail, paper food containers, magazines, corrugated cardboard, tin and steel cans, HDPE #2 clear or opaque plastic milk, water or juice bottles, household plastic laundry product bottle or jugs (empty), and PET #1 clear or green transparent plastic beverage containers, any clean plastic food containers with the Recycling symbol 1-7 (no Styrofoam or film plastics) and glass bottles and jars (collectively, “Recyclable Materials”) .  Waste Connections will pick up recyclable materials on the same day and between the same hours that Solid Waste is collected on an every-other-week basis.


The next Annual Bulk Waste Collection Day will be the second Saturday of May unless otherwise changed by mutual agreement of Waste Connections and the SCLA Board. Waste Connections will provide FREE curbside collection of bulk waste for residents who are currently contracted with Waste Connections for weekly trash collectionservice. Residents may each set out up to four cubic yards of bulky items. Fence posts, boards, pipe, tree limbs, and similar items must free of protruding nails, screws and wires, be no longer than 4 feet in length, and individual items no larger than 4 inches in diameter. Brush and limbs must be tied with string, rope or wire. The material to be collected should be on the curb by 7am. 

Items listed in the Bulk Pricing List will be picked up for FREE but the total number of such items plus bags and bound limbs etc. cannot exceed four cubic yards. If the four cubic yard limit is exceeded than the customer should make arrangements for additional pick up at a cost given in the Bulk Pricing List posted on the SCLA website. 

No hazardous wastes, flammable liquids, harsh chemicals, oil, wet paint, rocks, dirt, concrete blocks, bricks, or large tile will be collected. Refrigerators and A/C units must be tagged to be free of CFC’s by a certified technician. Lawn mowers and weed eaters must not contain oil or gasoline. Water softeners and heaters should be drained of water.  

For trash volume estimating purposes, consider the following:

  •  A 96 gallon wheeled trash cart will contain about 0.475 cubic yards of material. Thus the volume of 8 carts is slightly less than 4 cubic yards.
  • A 40 gallon trash bag will hold about 0.198 cubic yards of material. Thus the volume of 20 full 40 gallon bags is slightly less than 4 cubic yards.
  • A 55 gallon contractor waste bag will hold contain about 0.272 cubic yards of waste. Thus the volume of 14 full 55 gallon bags is slightly less than 4 cubic yards.
  • A King Size mattress that is 80 inches square and 14 inches thick is 1.92 cubic yards.

SCLA Bulk Pickup Pricing List

SCLA Waste Management Service Area Map