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Disposal of Brush From Recent Ice Storm (2023)


Waste Connections currently has all of their available assets tied up with cities to assist in their brush removal.  All of the cities that they are doing additional brush cleanup for is being done at an agreed upon additional cost.

At this time, SCLA customers should not expect or anticipate that the Waste Connections crews will pick up brush from this storm.  Our next scheduled bulk trash pickup day is May 13, 2023 and is limited to 4 cubic feet of brush.

Please keep in mind that the SCLA contract with Waste Connections was to get a single, lower price and to obtain a bulk trash pickup day for the residents of Sunset Canyon who choose to use them as their trash company.   

We also spoke to the county and Hays County resources are still working to clear brush from all roads and right-of-ways.  Walt Smith, our County Commission, did publish a list of resources available to assist property owners. FULL LEAFLET HERE. Excerpt below:

Drop off Brush at Dripping Springs Ranch Park and Event Center
February 13-19, 9am-5pm
If you need help with your cleanup, Hays County is coordinating with the
Austin Relief Networking for volunteers.  Visit the following link to sign up
For assistance:
If you have more questions or need more information, visit

At this time, owners should be looking to companies to help clean up the damage, their family/friends, or even neighbors.  If you decide to burn on your property, please be extremely cautious given the amount of dry brush that is on the ground. Go HERE for Hays County Brochure on guidelines and rules

As a reminder, please keep in mind that we do have Oak Wilt in the neighborhood and ensure that all equipment and cuts are property cleaned and cured.

“Be sure to immediately paint any new wounds on oak trees that are created during cleanup using wound dressing or latex paint. Immediately means make one cut then paint it before making the next cut. Clean all pruning tools with a 10% bleach solution or Lysol™ before pruning a different tree. Additional cosmetic pruning of oaks should be delayed until summer, once the threat of oak wilt spread has diminished. Avoid pruning oaks February through June! Any trees that are not oaks can be pruned at any time and painting the wounds is not necessary.” 

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