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PEC Tree Trimming Concerns

Residents may have received a mailing from PEC regarding plans to trim trees around electric power lines. We reached out with concerns about the timing and received the following response from PEC:

We are currently trimming select locations in the area. Our goal is to target vegetation within six feet of the high voltage power lines. I expect the current project will be completed within the next one to two months. Unfortunately we do not have a system wide map for public use, but we do send out area wide notices for our upcoming maintenance activities. PEC conducts vegetation maintenance year round. During the course of this work, our crews clean their tools and paint the cuts on oak trees. A certified arborist inspects the work for quality and ensures that our oak protection protocols are adhered to at all times of year. Prior to trimming, PEC’s certified arborist inspects the area to be trimmed to identify active oak wilt centers. We exclude the area immediately adjacent to any oak wilt centers to add another layer of oak wilt protection. The majority of oak wilt transmission in live oak is through root grafting and moves 70-150’ per year. Due to this fact,  we work to keep the trimming crews a few hundred feet away from any known active wilt centers. As part of our advance notice process, a door hanger is left for members to notify them of upcoming trimming on their specific property. This is another opportunity for the member to contact PEC or its contractor regarding our vegetation maintenance. Any member is welcome to contact PEC’s contractor or PEC directly to request that their oaks be trimmed after July 1st. This request should be made on a case by case basis. We keep a list of properties which have requested trimming after July 1st, so that we can return at a later time to complete the remainder of work. Specific questions or member concerns can be addressed if a resident wishes to reach out to us

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